Editing in Active Grid.


I downloaded the Active Widgets, and became an evangelist of the same. Its really a wonderful and useful application, and it has saved almost 3-4 months of my work. But there is one thing which is missing in it, and thats the inline editing feature. I went through the previous topics in this forum and found some interesting snippets from Alex for including this feature.


But I just couldn't figure out the position in the code where I should put this code fragment.

Can anyone throw some light on this ??

October 1,

Check if this working demo helps you


It should be easy to get the source from there.
Sudhaker Raj
October 1,
Thank you very much Sudhakar...

October 3,
Hi We are working on Grid control,
We have some problem while editing the data. Our scenario is as explained below
User selects the data from 5 select boxes and clicks on Add. The selected data will be saved as a new row on to the grid control.When user clicks a row in grid control, we want to send the values to the combo boxes back and once he edits the values we want modify the corresponding row in the grid control.

Is it possible?

August 11,

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