setting grid column widths using javascript

I want use css to style the grid but I want to use javascript for setting the width property.

I am using a css for my grid.
Scenario :
1) I first initialize my grid using
var resultTable = new AW.Grid.Extended;
2) Then I set the css id in my grid using - resultTable.setId("myGrid")
and then pass on this grid to a method which actually sets the data and celltemplates.(I also want to set the column widths here using javascript code)

Problem :
It gives me some javascript error saying "Object Expected" at some random point in the JSP.
If I assign the css Id to the grid after I have set the data and templates into it(basically after I get the grid back from this called method)everything works fine.But then it overwrites the column widths I had set using javascript and assigns some random widths to all columns
April 25,
Normally you should be able to assign id at any point. The method, which sets column widths, requires an id to insert CSS rules, so you should not change id after calling this method.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 28,

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