functions in event functions not working more than once

See the sample code below... When a cell is clicked repeatedly, the alert in the my_add_selection function only runs once, then it will never execute again even though the alert('hi') executes everytime. What am I doing wrong? It worked fine in 2.0.

obj.onCellClicked = function(event, col, row) {
my_add_selection(row, col);

function my_add_selection (row, col) {
alert('my cell = ' + row + ', ' + col);
April 4,
What happens if you just replace the my_add_selection() function call with the alert() call from that function? That is, have two alerts, one after the other.

Alterately, have you tried writing to the status bar instead with -
window.status = 'my cell = ' + row + ', ' + col

You may need to set a security option for this to work with FF.
April 6,
Cannot reproduce - this works fine for me in 2.5.1.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 7,

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