how to let "dynamic row color" and "mouseover" work together

hi there,

I use sample below codes to set a dynamic row color:

// add custom row property calculated from the cell value in col-3
    grid.defineRowProperty("background", function(row){
        var value = this.getCellValue(3, row);
        return value == 2006 ? "#ddd" : "#fff";

    // add dynamic row style linked to the custom row background property
    grid.getRowTemplate().setStyle("background", function(){
        return this.getRowProperty("background");

and use style to set mouseover effect:
#myGrid .aw-mouseover-row {background: #ccc}

Every one works fine seperately. But mouseover doesn't work if I put these 2 effect togeter.

Any one can help ? thanks
March 25,
That's correct. The alternate even/odd style and mouseover-row don't work well together either.

Have you considered setting the text colour rather than the background?
March 26,
Add !important to the style rule -

#myGrid .aw-mouseover-row {background: #ccc!important}
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 26,
#myGrid .aw-mouseover-row {background: #ccc!important}

March 27,

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