Small project customizing the grid for some $$

Hi all,

I like this grid but I don't have the time to learn and modify it to suit my needs. I am willing to pay someone $100/US to customize it for me.

I am intergrating this into an ASP/SQL app. and would like the following functionality:

1. Load the data based on a ADO recordset.

2. Change the onClick sort of this grid to redirect to the next page. I'm using ADO paging to handle the sorting and paging. I don't want to use the javascript client side sorting because it's too slow once you add hundreds of records.

3. Have the sorted column's cells a different color.

4. Add a context menu to the grid that will be sensitive to the data in the rows - meaing I can call a javascript function and pass a row specific value as a paramater to this function. This context menu should also provide a sub-menu option.

5. Allow multiple row selections in the grid and the context menu should be able to pass the value of all these multiple selections to the function that's called based on the context-menu item chosen.

That's it. Please let me know if you are interested in doing this.
September 24,

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