Is it possible to make user resizeable grids in AW?

I was just wondering if this was possible at all within the confines of JavaScript.
February 17,
What exactly? The AW grid columns are user resizable.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 18,
Yes, I have the same question. Is it possible to make the grid as a whole (not just individual columns) user resizable --- i.e. so the user can click on the grid corner and make it bigger or smaller in either width or height?
Andrew Smith
March 19,
I am working on this now.

I decided to go with a DIV with an AW grid sitting inside it. I did some research and found a few examples on the Net. However, there seem to be quite a few issues.

I can get resizing working for Firefox but IE can't handle it. I also found some examples of movable DIVs and am currently working on the code for this now. My intention is to have both movable and resizable DIVs with AW grids or whatever inside them.

The big problem appears to be the difference between absolute and relative positioning of a DIV. All the sample code I found uses absolute positioning. But relative positioning seems to be easier.

I also found something odd that appears to be caused by the padding around a DIV. There's also a mouse jitter issue I'm trying to iron out.

I plan to post the code for movable DIVs here once its ready and ask others for comments and advice.
March 19,
YUI has a Resize widget with possibly 8 handles to resize. The only thing you need to do is to put Alex 's grid in the content and resize it adequately. Works great.
Philippe Marzin
March 20,
I am doing it without any resize handles. Basically, click anywhere along the border region to do a resize.

However, I would like to see this resize widget. I've been comparing the ones I've found so far and noted the problems each has.

Can you post the URL for the YUI one?
March 20,
Ah, YUI turns out to be "Yahoo User Interface". It seems they have quite a few things available.
March 20,
how to resize my tiles in jsp
September 9,

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