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I have the following issue with the grid.

I have a grid with 5 columns. Exactly After the fifth column I need to show a vertical bar about 18-20 px in width for the scroll bar. The scrollbar will always be visible but be grayed out if all the rows fit on the screen. I guess we can see this behavior in Internet Explorer.

Currenly if I specify the grid width that extends the existing 5 columns width by 20px I usually see grid line for every row.

Awaiting for some sort of tip from any of you.
September 22,
create treeview by using code javascript by doubleclick
September 23,

Add following CSS :-)

.active-scroll-bars {overflow-y: scroll;}

Above will not work on anything other than IE, use following but it will result unwanted hrizontal scroll baralso :-(

.active-scroll-bars {overflow: scroll;}


Can't edit post on this forum, will post any updates in this thread.

Sudhaker Raj
September 23,
Assume that a grid can hold of "n" rows and there are "n-1" rows displayed in the grid completely but the "n" th row is half inside the grid and half outside the grid. At that moment the vertical scrollbar is not getting displayed. Only if one or more rows is outside the grid, the vertical scroll bar gets displayed. I face a situation like the above. I want to display vertical scroll bar even if a little bit portion of the last row is outside the grid. What could be done ? What change should be made in the following code ?

.active-scroll-bars {overflow-y: scroll;}

February 24,

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