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Hi Alex,

I use the xmlcontent = table.getXML().xml method to get the xml from an editable data grid which is based on a AW.XML.Table source.
The problem is that xmlcontent does not show any modifications made that I've made in the grid.

I've added the table.setData function to update node text and added
the following code block so the table.setData gets called.
obj.onCellValidated = function(text, col, row){
    var format = this.getCellFormat(col, row);
    var data = format ? format.textToData(text): text;
    this.setCellData(data, col, row);
    this.setCellText(undefined, col, row); // remove edited text

Perhaps you could tell me what I'm doing wrong here. Thanks.
February 4,
You should also implement table.setData method, for example,

table.setData = function(value, col, row){
    var node = this.getNode(col, row);
    if (AW.ie) {
        node.text = value;
    else {
        node.textContent = value;
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 4,

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