[release] Java Web Full Example

Hi guys...
Ive seen a lot of you are asking for "real examples" using java, php, asp etc... So i tried to create a really cool and simple example using jsp, servlets, json and AW 2.5.1 (trial version).

The example have free source-code, feel free to modify.
I wanna say tkz to alex, AW rulez, lets put more full examples in this forum.

The examples can be found at: http://aw.pimpas.net/examples

Ill update this page with new examples.

Enjoy ;)
Paulo Cesar (PC from Brazil )
December 13,
That's a very interesting sample with full server-side implementation.
Thanks a ton PC.
December 14,
New example!
Try out the Incremental Server Response feature.
The server will returns 20k of results, sending 500 results in every 1second and grid updates in real time.


You can also download the source code.

This features use an iframe to print the scripts response.
I made one example using xmlhttprequest in interactive mode but IE doenst work with it. The iframe sample works in all browsers.
Paulo Cesar (PC from Brazil )
December 21,

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