Loading from xml data island and asigning row IDs


how can I assign a row id to every row when loading the grid from inline xml ? Later on, how can I select a specific row using its id?

I need to process a xml data island like:
<company id="MS">
<category>Software manufacturer</category>
<company id="SUN">
Daniel Vanesse
December 12,
You can put id into additional (possibly hidden) column using '@id' xpath, for example,

table.setColumns(["name", "category", "@id"]);

To select this row you have to find row index either by scanning the dataset or maybe directly in the XML source.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 12,

OK, I can add a hidden column, but I do not understand what you mean by "...or maybe directly in the XML source." What I need is a FAST access to a table row using a row id, equivalent to the DOM statement myGrid.getElementById("something");

FYI some tables hold >10000 rows and response time is a MAJOR concern.

Could you post a very simple example?

Many thanks in advance

daniel vanesse
December 13,

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