setting button state and managing a group of stateful buttons

I am using version 2.5 and have 5 buttons displayed. I would like to be able to set an initial button state to have the yellow highlight (XP style, matching the default mouseover) as well as have it switch to that state when a button is clicked, re-setting the state of the other buttons to normal. I guess this would be similar to the way the tabs work, showing one of the buttons as selected at all times.

I see several old postings with a similar question, but no solutions. Has anyone done this already? Thanks for any recommendations.
December 3,
I guess that you need a group of radio buttons which look like 'normal' button. Check AW.UI.Radio class - the radio buttons are made completely with CSS (i.e. background images) so you can force them to look like buttons or any other way.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 4,

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