AW 2.5 - click on grid does not select on IE7

just downloaded activewidgets-2.5.0-trial.zip and have been playing with it. we have about 8 instances of the grid in our application (some editable, some need sorting, etc etc).

so far so good, except there is one instance of the grid on IE 7 that it has problem. when i click on a cell, nothing happens - no highlight. double click does not start edit. the grid was set with


it works fine on firefox. i am going to go through line by line to see how this grid is different from our other ones, but just want to see if there is anything obvious ? or anyone has encountered similar behaviour?
November 29,
Most likely this is related to focus handling. Check that there is nothing preventing the grid to receive focus and that you are not intercepting onactivate/onbeforeactivate events.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 4,

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