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Hello, I'm suprised. The first post made by Lee is correct and I have the same problem (latest IE & FF). May be the browser is doing that.


I re post the question: is there a way to disable all links on a grid when an email address or a http link is writed on a cell? (editable grid)

I have found an Ajax script to save the content on a database but when I write a email address or a http link It create some href & mailto tags and my script crash.

How can I disable these features on a grid?

November 22,
This looks like the contentEditable="true" issue although you says its happening in FF and I've never seen it happen there.

See: http://www.activewidgets.com/javascript.forum.20644.3/editable-cells-in-ie-and.html

Its been fixed in AW 2.5 (still in beta) as editable cells now use <input type="text"> as opposed to setting the cell span contentEditable attribute to true when the cell is put into edit mode.
November 22,

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