Jumping to a certain page or record when grid loaded

Is there any way to have the grid jump to a given page number or record number when it is loaded?

For example, let's say I have a set of 100 records to be displayed in the grid but it is set up to show 10 records at a time. Let's say the user pages down to the 50th record (or page six of data). Our grid would have drill-capability meaning that a user could click on a row to jump to more detail about the row selected. This data would be displayed in the same grid. When the user was done looking at the detail they want to go back to the top level but return to page six. They would like to return to the same record that they drilled on.

Can the grid support jumping to a certain page or record number?

Thanks for your help.
November 16,
Yes, you can control both vertical scroll (scrollTop property) and row selection (currentRow, selectedRows properties).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 20,

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