Selection and Right click...

Hi again,

i´ve got a problem with the selection of rows
i´m using
obj.onSelectedRowsChanged = function() {setTimeout(function(){ checkMarking() ,0})} ;

to call my own function, i need this one, cause i have alot to check which one is marked and what it is
so far everything is fine
but i want to include a contextmenu now
therefor im using

now everytime im calling context via right mouse, the checkMarking is called, but the row is NOT selected, if it was not selected before
this gives me errors from the function.
error comes once for each row-change, afer the error it works for this row until i click on another row...

first thing, i want the row i clicked on with right mouse to be selected, for second i dont want the function called with right mouse

can someone help me please
either to understand why it happes or to solve it
Markus Schostok, Germany
October 30,
Hi Markus,
Is there any special reason you can not use onRowclicked instead of onSelectedRowsChanged?
I just ask it because I tested it that way and seems to do it.
Used for tensting..:
function checkMarking(g){ alert(g)}

obj.onRowClicked = function(event, i) {setTimeout(function(){ if (event != 2) checkMarking(i) ,0})} ;

No much other ideas, though :-(
October 30,
i used this way first, but there was a problem cause of the multimarking and the checking of these...
but since then there where a lot of changes, so i will try again with rowclicked
lets see what happens...
Markus Schostok, Germany
October 31,
ok, the checking is no more fired
but still the right click does not mark the row
but i think i can live with that
Markus Schostok, Germany
October 31,

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