Where are AW grid events listed?

I have an AW grid and it has an onCellValidated(..) event.
Its working as expected. When the user enters a value in a cell and the cursor moved to another cell the event fires. When the user enters a value in a cell and the cursor leaves the grid to, say, press a button, the onCellValidated event does not fire. Is there another event, perhaps, onExitGrid I could use to validate the cell changed before the cursor left the grid?

Generally, how do I find out about AW grid events?

I have looked in the AW documentation on this site and do not see a section for grid events. Perhaps I have overlooked the grid events section in the documentation? So far I have found out about events by looking at coding examples in the Support Forum.

Russell Belding
October 29,
The grid events are listed on AW.UI.Grid class page (after 'Methods' section and before 'Examples') -


onCellValidated should fire any time the editing is about to end and there are some changes in the cell text (it does not fire if there are no changes). onCellEditEnded fires always regardless of the changes.


The code sample is located in
/examples/grid behavior - editing/editing.htm
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 29,
Thank you Alex. The grid event onCellValidate does fire when the grid is exited. My diagnosis was wrong. My code has some other problem.
Russell Belding
October 29,

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