how to set setCellLink to a cell not to a whole column

Hi Alex,

I want to set link to perticular cell in a column not to a whole column

I tried
this.obj.setCellLink("", 2,0);

not working

I tried
this.obj.setCellLink("", 2);

This shows link (underline and hand )for all the cells in that column
I have disabled the popup on click where ever nessary but css problem
how to remove underline and hand from that link where it is not needed

Please anyone help me!!

Sufiya Khan
October 11,
Sorry, I cannot reproduce this. To set the link on one cell use -

obj.setCellTemplate(new AW.Templates.Link, 2, 0);
obj.setCellLink("http://www.google.com", 2, 0);

or to remove one link -

obj.setCellTemplate(new AW.Templates.Link, 2);
obj.setCellLink("http://www.google.com", 2);
obj.setCellLink("", 2, 0); // remove from row 0

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 12,

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