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Alex, a side question. Please tell me whether this support forum software is custom built or purchased? I am looking for support forum software for my software and I really like the layout of this forum.
September 24,
This forum is custom built. It has some advantages but many disadvantages as well. Many people had complained about lack of features, i.e. registration, editing, notifications etc. The biggest problem for today (in my view) is search - unfortunately I still cannot make this one right. Currently I am using MySQL4 full text search and it is not very good.

The decision to go to with custom forum was because I wanted the forum fully integrated with the documentation wiki and there was no standard product doing it well when I started (2003).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
September 25,
Thank you for the feedback. For what it is worth, I find it very intuitive, simple and useful. And I like it especially because it is integrated well into your site. That now makes sense since it is custom built.
September 25,
I would have to agree that the search is a big problem. One request can you make spaces Boolean AND rather than Boolean OR. That is by far the biggest annoyance. Personally I don't use your search I use Google with "site:www.activewidgets.com" and that gets me to what I need much faster.
September 26,
On the plus side, you have done an excellent job of creating a forum that the search engines like.

Use of mod_rewrite:

Rob Francis
September 28,

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