Clear grid to original state


I am new to Active Widgets (AW) and trying to climb up the ropes for which I need your help/guidance.

Here is the scenario :
- I am using AW.UI.Grid
- I create a new grid initially (0 display rows, 0 data rows) and populate it with different data sets (same data format and columns) upon the press of a button. Data is stored in different Java Script arrays.
- Before I populate the grid I want to clear the grid to its original state - as if it was created fresh with no state being carried over (0 display rows, 0 data rows)

I did search the Support Forum and tried different solutions but none worked for me. May be I am not doing something right.

Your help is highly appreciated.
Jay J
August 20,
Did you try clear() method?


Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 20,

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