Grid with combo (text and values)


I'm using a grid in combination with a combo object.
The only problem is how do I get the combo value in stead of the combo text.

I'm using this code:
For (colNumber = 0; colNumber < numberOfCombos; colNumber++) {
            var template = new AW.UI.List;

            grd.setCellTemplate(new AW.Templates.Combo, colNumber);
            grd.setCellValue(true, colNumber);
            grd.setPopupTemplate(template, colNumber);

And to read the selected values, I use:
alert(grd.getCellText(colCounter, rowCounter));

I also tried :
alert(grd.getCellValue(colCounter, rowCounter));

But that returns nothing.

Thanks in advance!
J Hollemans
August 10,
J Hollemans
August 13,
Can anyone please look at my question?

I tried all kinds of solutions, but non will work.
J Hollemans
August 20,

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