Want look and feel of your website grid

Hi, I have kind of a stupid newbie question... I have constructed a javascript array from my SqlDataReader results, and your grid is displaying nicely. I use these lines to get the control code and styles:

<link href="Resources/ActiveGridStyles/xp/grid.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />
<script src="Resources/ActiveGridLib/grid.js"></script>

Obviously I have copied these files into my website. There are a few problems, like I have no scroll bars. But I really like the precise style you have on your website, particularly on the page:


Can you please give me some help in creating that exact same look and feel?
September 7,
P.S. Just to be sure I was picking up all the style related files, gecko.xml, grid.css, grid.png, icons.png, loading.gif into the website root directory.
September 7,
You should put all images into the same directory as grid.css, in your case 'Resources/ActiveGridStyles/xp/'
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
September 7,
You could always use iFrames, or rather use a shortcut like I did and use a table to place the grid into. It works nicely and more closely resembles what I think you're looking for.
Chris Waun
October 12,

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