Dropdown box only shows when you click a certain part of the grid

Has anybody played around on how to do this?

Say I want, column 4 to have a dropbox down. But it looks ugly, so I want it to look like a normal grid, but when you click on that certain column, the dropdown box will appear, then you can click on your selection, and then it goes back to being a normal looking grid.

I've started to play around with it this week, i'll post some more specific questions when the time comes.

Is this even possible before I get too far?
September 7,
Should be possible - look at

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
September 7,
Would I change back and forth templates, Cell Select template when I want to edit, normal template when I'm just viewing the gird?

Or would I do "onfocus" would call a function to bring up the dropdown box, and "onblur" would switch back to textmode?

Also, how do you people debug while trying things on the grid? The internet explorer little error screen that comes up, isn't usefull at all.
September 8,
It Looks like Bhaskar already did this..


His code is looking good so far.
September 9,

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