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how can we get the cell value if we don't know the row and colunm?

I have 2 php page runing AW grid with some data coming from sql.
The background of a cell must be red if the value on the cell is more or equal to zero... How can I do this?

Actually I'm using the trial version 2.0.2

July 6,
Dual for loops?
July 9,
obj.getCellTemplate().setStyle("background-color", function() {                                             
        return this.getControlProperty("bgcolor");                                                                

     obj.defineCellProperty("bgcolor", function(col, row){
        if (col == 1) { 
          if (this.getCellText(col, row).match(/Urgent/)) {
            return "red";
          } else if (this.getCellText(col, row).match(/High/)) {
            return "#FF6600";
        } else if (col == 2) { 
          if (this.getCellValue(col, row) >= 3) {
            return "red";
July 11,

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