Multi control template column.

Hi All,
I am newbie to ActiveWidgets and trying to create a template column for the grid. My requirement is to place two controls textbox and link. On the click of link I want to open a calendar control and selected date to be displayed in textbox.
My queries are
1. Is it possible to do so? If yes how? Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.
2. I have created textbox template as suggested by Alex in http://www.activewidgets.com/javascript.forum.1394.55/textbox-template-edit-on-double.html.
Does it support validation for certain format like email?

Thanks in advance.
June 12,
The closest example which comes to my mind is this one -


Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 12,
Thanks for quick reply Alex, I am wondering will I be able to do the same for version 1.0?
June 12,

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