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I did buy a license for your ActiveWidgets software so I have the source code. I looked at the different actions available in _actions.js and I did not find what I need. I need to be able to stay in the same cell but move to the next line like if you were typing a paragraph.
I have increased the size of each cell and I need to put narratives in the cell and lists of things like:
1) lkjkljlkjkl
2) lkjlkjlkjlkj
3) lkjkljljkjsfs

I know how to wrap the text but that only happens when they reach the end of the cell's width. I would like to be able to wrap to the next line whenever I press Enter. How do I do this?
June 8,
Though I have not used it myself, I found a pretty neat hack on the friendsofaw site that might just help you:


I am considering using it in the next release of our application.

July 3,
Whoops: after you go to that link, click "Textarea in a Cell-by Carlos"
July 3,

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