Color of Grid Headers

I need to change the background color of the Grid header (0th row ) . I was unable to do so with css / or getHeadertemplate().setStyle('background','red') .
Since I am using an Extended Grid , i dont think i can use the ".active-scroll-top .active-box-item {background: #ccff99}" solution .
I dont want to change the color cell by cell .. thats way too tacky ..
this.getTemplate('row', 0).Style.backgroundcolor = myColor; ..colors teh fisrt row
this is probably wrong anyways ...this.getTemplate('header', 0).Style.backgroundcolor = myColor;
Have i missed something .. help soon!!!
June 7,
found the solution myself .. :)

#myGrid .aw-header-0 .aw-item-box {
background: red!important;
June 7,

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