Focus lost when clicking on controls in partially displayed rows

I am dynamically putting various html input controls in cells (eg. <texarea>,<input>,etc.)

When I click inside the last control that is visible (last row visible, still have more rows below), the grid moves up so that the whole row is properly displayed, but then my problem is that I loose the focus from the control I clicked.

This also happens when I click the control in top row when that row is partially displayed (more rows above that row)

Is there a workaround for this?
June 4,
I guess the only workaround would be to disable virtual mode so the rows are not repainted after each scroll.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 7,
Or, you could scroll the grid first (using setScrollTop method) and then put the focus into the last row (after the timeout to allow some time for repaint).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 7,

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