Has Anybody Ever Used ActiveWidgets To Dynamically Parse XMLTV Data And Present It As An EPG?

The "channel" section (one of the "display-name" entries for each channel) would become the locked left column, a timescale would become the locked top row, and the Titles from the "programs" section would be the cell data in thecells in the rest of the grid.
Would the following enhancements be possible?:
1. Navigating the grid using the keyboard
a. up, down, left, right a cell at a time
b. up, down, left, right a "block" of data at a time (a block being maybe 10 rows when navigating up/down, maybe 90 minutes or two hours when navigating left/right). The cell "selected/highlighted" should change to stay within the visible area of the grid when navigating in "blocks" (stay in the same row when navigating left/right and the same column when navigating up/down).
2. When the page opens, the grid is already shifted to display the current timeslot (timeslots could be 30 minutes "wide") and the cell in the top left of the visible part of the grid is "selected/highlighted".
3. Highlighting can be anything like different cell backgound color or bold text, whatever.
4. When a title is "selected/highlighted", the description data for the title (optionally subtitle, episode number, rating, etc) is/are displayed in a certain position (areas reserved for that purpose) on the page.
5. The titles themselves are links that (using javascript) produce a text file containing program data, such as start time, end time, channel number, etc.
6. The channels in the locked left column are also links that (using javascript) produce a text file containing channel data, such as additional display-names.
May 31,

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