How to Implement in JSP

I would like to appreciate if any one can help me to implement the active widgets in JSP step by step.

Noorul Ameen.P
April 23,
HI, Even I am wounder, how can directly populate the rows from Java or Jsp Objects??

I mean without prepopulating JS objects from Java Data Providers
April 23,
Java or Jsp?
What exactly are u guys using Struts or plain servlets?
April 24,
JSP with an example ?
Noorul Ameen.P
April 24,
do one thing

write ur beans using bean tags to some javascript array and then fill grid contents using that array.
var data = [
<logic:iterate id="test" name="JBBJ" property="collection">
<bean:write name="test" property="propName"/> ,
Vikramaditya Garg
April 24,

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