Grid Qs... Click grid row takes you to URL, larger tooltips with CSS, which data source is best?

Hi everyone

I've just been trying out the ActiveWidgets library and it's pretty awesome.
The thing I have been most impressed with is the performance of this control. All possible implementations I've been testing with have not involved the editing or sorting functions, but it's a really quick way to display a user-friendly data table on a page.

I have a few questions...

1) Is it possible to have a button (maybe in the selector column) that by clicking it can send you to a URL with a ID query string?
So you've got a grid of data and clicking that can take you to the full record or something?

2) The tootips feature is really cool for when the columns are too narrow to see what's fully there.
But is there a way to implement CSS-style tooltips rather than the simplified ones that just do title="" or alt="" at the moment?
On many of our potential implementations with the grid widget, we would be dealing with data longer than can be displayed using title="" or alt=""

This is the CSS tooltip technique we currently use...

What would be really cool is if there was a way to only have the tooltips appearing if the data in the column doesn't fit in the current column width.

3) Which data source is the best to use?
The application I've been testing this out on is a standard PHP/MySQL environment so I was thinking of using XML and pointing the data source to an xml file which is parsed as PHP to load the data in from the database.

This particular implementation will be dealing with 1-300 99% of the time.

Any ideas / suggestions?

April 23,
1). All grid elements trigger mouse events -


You can navigate to another URL using window.location object

2). AW does not have its own tooltip window object yet so you have to either built it yourself or integrate one from other libraries

3). Use whatever you are more comfortable with. JS arrays are fastest for small datasets.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 23,
Hi Alex

1) Ok that's good news - that's what I'll need to be doing. Clicking on a record to take you to a full edit screen.
I'll need to really experiment with how to get this working.

2) This is a real shame, and will probably prevent me from using this library.
I do not have enough knowledge of Javascript and the functions of this library to be able to integrate the CSS tooltip technique I linked to above.

3) Small datasets being how many? <100 or <1000?
If JS arrays are the fastest for up to 1000 rows, then I'll probably go that route initially.

One final question...
4) Is it possible to disable the sort behaviour?

April 25,
3) <10000


Alex (ActiveWidgets)
April 26,
Ok great - thanks for the help.

Before I actually implement this I need to find a way to integrate that CSS tooltip function, so if anyone has any advice on how to go about doing that then please help me out... it would be a deal maker on ordering ActiveWidgets.

May 10,

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