xml as string object rather than data file

I am using xml string object to make the grid but not able to do so.

Plz help me puit in this matter.


Kamal Mittal[kamal.mittal@fidelity.co.in]
March 14,
Look at the example files in /examples/grid data - xml data islands/. They should work the same way if you pass in the xml as a string.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 14,
And if that doesn't help, look at my forum posts about using a foreign source of XML. I'm doing the same thing because my XML is from SOAP, not just hitting a particular URL. The end result is I get an XML node pointer and just do table.setXML(xmlnode.xml); instead of the table.request(); Just do a grid.setCellModel(table); after the setXML() is done and you're good to go.
March 15,

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