Safari and Opera support coming?

Will Safari and Opera support be forthcoming. We're excited to use this widget but need to support a variety of browsers.
August 18,
Is there a reason it does not currently work?
August 19,
Can somebody help?
August 19,
No, I am not planning to support grid widget on Safari or Opera in the near future. It is simply too much work if at all possible.

However the framework itself does work on Opera and Konqueror. The problem comes with the lack of events, no support for XML/XPath, differences in CSS interpretation and the number of various browser bugs in general.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 23,
Then you really shouldn't be calling it "Cross-browser" now should you? It's not 1994 anymore, there are more than two browsers on the market...
November 28,
Your right, it isn't 1994 any more. It's MUCH harder to write code, like Alex has written, to work on ALL browsers today then it was in 1994! Every company wants to decide their own way to render code. No one wants to do it like MS did (and I don't blame them). With the browsers that ARE supported by AW, you can rest assured your pages will display and work on over 95% of the browsers being used. I dare you to try and write something as complex as this grid, in Javascript, that DOES work on ALL browsers. Oh, and give it away for free while your at it. I have written Javascript grids that only worked on IE, and it was a bitch! So to do what Alex has done, I commend him. I don't take pot shots at him and belittle his work and then don't even have the guts to sign my name!

In my professional opinion, this IS the best Cross-Browser Javascript Grid that money can buy! And yes, I purchased it! And I have no regrets.

If you want to rag on someone, rag on the Opera and Safari developers for not handeling the code correctly. And for not surfacing all of the needed events. I have been wanting to support Opera for years, but to date it still falls short of rendering my application. It falls way short, and that has nothing to do with the AW Grid.

Alex, keep up the good work!
Jim Hunter
November 30,
Jim, thanks a lot for your support again!

I just probably want to add that the base framework was designed and tested to work in Opera and Konqueror as well. I did not test with Safari but I believe it should work there too.

However when it comes to extending advanced UI features to other browsers - the cost is just too high. Currently I would rather spend my time improving the grid and building other controls and wait until Opera and Safari get the missing features and market share.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 1,
Current builds of safari should have everything you need. In addition, when can we expect a new version?
March 17,
Safari 1.3/2.0 should have necessary support to implement the grid.
June 21,
Yes, it seems so (except for XPath). I wish it could also support 'border-box' model which will make everything a lot more simple.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 21,
Hello Alex,

I just tested version 2.0.1 grid in Safari and it does not render. I was wondering if there was an update to this topic or if you had any idea of when the Safari browser might be supported? BTW, I have purchased the version 2 product.

Joe Hudson
August 5,
Does Any one have this working on Safari? In some cases the grid does work in safari 2.0, but others it does not. We are trying to track down the compatibility issue and will post any code fixes we find.
Mike Rogers
August 9,

The Purchase section says that the support for Safari is coming with the Professional Edition. When do you expect that to happen?

October 2,
We need to use the grid on Safari and few other browsers and currently it is not rendering on Safari. Can someone tell the any date by which grid will be supported on Safari?
November 24,
I noticed on the grid demo page that the grid displays but the horizontal scroll bar is missing. Is this a known issue?
Jason Buchanan
January 3,
Hello??? It's Agust, 2007 - Safari is quickly becoming the dominant browser on the Mac platform - are you still working on this?

If not, release your code to someone who can make it happen/
Site Visitor
August 17,

Yes, the next release will support Safari and Opera. Will be available in the next 2-3 months.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
August 17,
Hello Alex,

I purchased AW from you earlier this year expecting Safari support to soon follow. Do you have an update on this? When can we expect a beta release? And finally, if you decide to back out of developing it, would it be possible to get a refund?
Jose de Castro (Voxeo)
November 12,
Safari will be supported in AW 2.5 which should be available before the end of this month -


You can download the beta here -


See also more details in this post -

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 12,

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