Tip, for setting different widths and heights on 2 header grids

For what it's worth to anyone interested, as I pulled on my teeth for 4 hours figuring this out:

This is the global way to set the header height, regardless of how many headers are created through obj.setHeaderCount(2);:
but what if you wanted 2 different set of heights for each header row, here it is, e.g.:

And for width
obj.getHeaderTemplate(1,0).setStyle("width", "200px");
obj.getHeaderTemplate(2,0).setStyle("width", "0px");
obj.getHeaderTemplate(3,0).setStyle("width", "0px");
obj.getHeaderTemplate(4,0).setStyle("width", "0px");
obj.getHeaderTemplate(1,1).setStyle("width", "50px");
obj.getHeaderTemplate(2,1).setStyle("width", "50px");
obj.getHeaderTemplate(3,1).setStyle("width", "50px");
obj.getHeaderTemplate(4,1).setStyle("width", "50px");

My problem was that I had reversed the order of columns and rows. It took me a while till I read through the forum and realized my logic was off.

Tom Green
March 2,

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