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I have a column with checkboxtemplate but the table's underlying model is an xml file loaded separately.
var chkBox = new AW.Templates.Checkbox;
gridObj.setCellTemplate(chkBox,5 );
gridObj.setColumnResizable(false, 5);

gridObj.onCellValueChanged = function(value, col, row) {
  if (col == 5) {
      var node = this.getCellModel().getNode(col, row);
      if (node != null) node.text = value;
  return 0;

My problem is next to the checkbox there is text apprearing "-1" if checkbox is checked and "0" if unchecked. Is there a way that i can remove the text next to the checkbox?
Raj Nair
February 6,
Yes, you can remove text element -

var chkBox = new AW.Templates.Checkbox;
chkBox.setContent("box/text", "");
gridObj.setCellTemplate(chkBox,5 );
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 7,

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