urgent!.. I want to apply the setCellEditable property to a particular row?Is there any solution?

Hi all,

Can any one suggest me the solution and my problem is I want to apply the setCellEditable() property to the entire row and I tried it but I could'nt find any and I'm doing as follows:
i)obj.setCellEditable(false)--If I,m doing like this all the cells are becoming non-editable
ii)obj.setCellEditable(false,5)--If I,m doing like this all the cells in column 5 are becoming non-editable but i want to make all the cell in the row no.5 non- editable and it is not happening

suggest me any solution urgently plz I'm in very much need of it
February 6,
you can set the cell editable property for all cells in a row, like

obj.setCellEditable(false, 0, rowIndex);
obj.setCellEditable(false, 1, rowIndex);
obj.setCellEditable(false, 2, rowIndex);
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 6,

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