How to add a buttion to Grid cell

I want to add a buttion to a grid cell, i do this:
var status_button = new AW.UI.Button;
status_button.onClick = function(){

grid.setCellTemplate(status_button, 4,0);
but it can not action the onClick method, how to add a buttion to grid cell?
February 1,
you can simply add one templete to you grid

by right clicking on datagrid- select property builder tag, -
columns - templete columns then apply and ok..

after adding one templete againg right click on the datagrid

select edit templete option and add what ever control you want to add on the grid after puting control click end template editing...

i hope this is the option that u looking for

have a good day
kunal shah (kunal_shah36400@yahoo.com)
February 6,

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