Is there any way to have 2 (or more) events to modify the grid?

Hello, i was wondering is there any way to modify or to do some kind of action in the grid, like having 2 buttons (modify, delete) and each button has different sets of actions?

So far i can double click to edit an item, and the key "delete" to delete a item, but i was wondering if i can put some buttons to do this.

Rafael Fong
August 11,

I'll recommend seeing source code of this


Sudhaker Raj
August 12,
Thanks for the tip.

That did it :)
Rafael Fong
August 12,
Hey Sudhaker I was wondering if i could take a look at the code again :S plis!!!
Rafael Fong
August 14,

The example is enhanced and supports form based row editing. I did this for one of the required module where grid was not displaying all columns, but needed to edit all of them...

Sudhaker Raj
August 16,

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