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When working with a large page with many controls, your CSS can get long. No big deal, but let's say you need to update the page and add some more controls/text/images at the top of the page....

To move all the controls down you have to go through all the CSS for absolute elements and handle all the positioning again...

So my question is can we somehow get a method for a container that is the same format as a group? Yeah, I know we can make our own DIVs and use it as a container for placement, but why not just include a way for the group to contain elements?

Any thoughts?
John Mason
January 5,
Yes, I agree. What is missing is a set of container controls ('layout managers' ?).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 5,

Are you thinking that they would be strictly for layout purposes, or would they have visual contexts as well?

While both would be beneficiary, I am wondering when the browser will begin to suffer if we have tons (and yeah I do mean tons) of layout management layers under groups, grid, and other controls.

Naturally this shouldn't be a factor, but then again i never imagined the application I am creating (over 1000 controls over several tabs with about 12 grids... full AJAX... yadda yadda) being to involved with just JS, HTML, and MySQL/PHP.... though it works beautifully I am just very on edge since I don't know when the browser will be "maxxed-out"!

Anyhow, do you have any plans for a release with any of the said 'layout managers'?

John Mason
January 8,

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