Variable row height dynamically adjusts to wrapped text

Is there a way to cause the grid to dynamically adjust individual row heights to enable display of the maximum wrapped content for any cell in the row. (Similar to the way row heights adjust in html tables). The goal would be to avoid setting all rows to some arbitrary large height, or doing any server based coding to anticipate height - as the height should adjust to data entry as well as to previously stored values. With a lot of variable text description in cell fields - this requirement is very important.

I would appreciate any info relevant the version 2.0 grid.

December 12,
The variable row height is not supported in AW 2.0.1. It is possible to change the CSS allowing the row height to expand, but the current scrolling algorithm expects the same height for all rows and will break. This will be corrected in the future but currently only the fixed row height is supported.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
December 12,
This post is quite old now but I have exactly the same request.

Is variable row height available in activewidgets-2.0.2-std-developer version?

Thank you in advance, Alex.
October 24,
No, AW 2.0.2 does not support variable row heights (same for AW 2.5). I understand that it is an important requirement and it will be done at some point, but currently it is still not ready.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 25,

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