Editable grid problem...

I'm using onKeyCtrlS to call a Save function that saves grid changes to database.

The problem is that when I press Ctrl+S it writes the 's' in the editable cell.

Similarly I want to open a popup window when double clicking on a cell, however I can't override the editable cell operation that occurs.

I've tried things like setSelectedRows([]), setCellEditable(false, x), return false and document.form.element.focus() with no success.

Any suggestions anyone?
Wallace R
November 29,
Worked out the solution for the double click (return true) but this doesn't work for onKeyCtrlS.

Also I would like onKeyCtrlE to replicate double clicking on a cell could anyone tell me how to achieve this?
Wallace R
November 29,
Update on the onKeyCtrlS function - it only overwrites the cell with 's' if the cell has not been edited. If it has, it saves as normal and the original cell text remains. Anyone know why this is happening?
Wallace R
November 30,
Worked out the onKeyCtrlS problem!

Returning true does solve the problem - the function I was calling was overwriting the return value.

Still stumped on onKeyCtrlE to replace double click cell edit?
Wallace R
November 30,
The editing can be started with (internal) editCurrentCell event -

obj.onKeyCtrlE = function(event){
    var col = this.getCurrentColumn();
    var row = this.getCurrentRow();
    this.raiseEvent("editCurrentCell", event, col, row);
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 30,
Works perfectly!

Many thanks Alex
Wallace R
December 1,

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