setEvent() with setId()

Hi all;

I m trying to add doubleclick event on the row of the grid object. For css classes i use

and proper class definitions for this id. Behavior of this grid should be as following;
- onclick update another grid. Which is done by
awgridob.onCellClicked = function(event, col, row){....}
with expected behaviour.
-ondblclick set some variables and update some other tables, goes on like this. Here where i have problems.
awgridob.getTemplate("row").setEvent("ondblclick", dblevnt);

works when setId() not used.
I think getTemplate("row") is the reason for this. Can someone tell me what the template name "row" should be changed as when i setId as "xyz" for example. I tried "xyz-row" and some other but couldn't make it work.

Any idea, suggestion or solution is appreciated. Thanks.
November 1,
You can also use onCellDoubleClicked or onRowDoubleClicked events -

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 2,
Thanks Alex. I should have search through the class references in more detail. I m new to AW and actually need some time to recognize the components structure =)
November 3,

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