Assigning an Object to a CELL in AWidgets Grid....

Here is the problem...

I'm trying to assign an object (sort of a bussiness object), to one of the cells in my AW Grid.

Althought the script doesn't show any error messages, all the information that was suposed to be in the grid is "invisible"...the grid has all the rows it is meant to have, but it doesn't show it (I can click and select the rows, but the text doesn't appear to me).

If I remove the codeline where I set the object to the cell, all the grid data shows perfectly...

Due to the problems related to the deleteRow bugs, I'm now setting all the data directly on the grid, and not to a array and then to the grid.

The script I'm using on this, follows bellow:

var gridMovimentacao = new AW.UI.Grid;

var objetoListaEspecieFaixa = {};
objetoListaEspecieFaixa.especieFaixa = {}
objetoListaEspecieFaixa.qtMachos = 0;
objetoListaEspecieFaixa.qtFemeas = 0;
objetoListaEspecieFaixa.qtTotal = 0;

gridMovimentacao.addRow(i); gridMovimentacao.setCellText(listaEspFaixa[i].especieAnimal.nmEspecieAnimal,0,i); gridMovimentacao.setCellText(listaEspFaixa[i].faixaAnimal.nmFaixa,1,i); gridMovimentacao.setCellText('0',2,i); gridMovimentacao.setCellText('0',3,i);

Any Ideas, comments will be welcome....


October 31,
November 1,

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