ScrollTop method is not working

Hi Alex,

I have a problem with an ActiveWidget grid. ie
I was using 2.0.0 beta version.Working fine.Now I have the standard version of 2.0.0. where the same is not working.

I am loading the grid with 980 records. Now I am scrolling the grid and select a grid row id of 789 and moving to another page.I am storing selected row id in my session.Again when I come back to this screen, I need to highlight the same grid row and using 'scrolltop' the record to be visible.

But what happens, as soon as the grid got created with the scrolltop, the row is getting highlighted and visible.But since the records in the grid is getting late to load on the grid, the grid is highlighting the first row as default.

Could you tell me some work around.
October 28,

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