Hi all,
1st of all, this product is uber 1337!!!

I have some minor problems I managed to fix taking suggestions from this forum and so on, but this is kinda strange and cant find a workaround.

I have a normal grid with xp style and I added this style into the HEAD section of the page

.aw-alternate-even {height:20px; background: #FFFFFF; border-bottom: 1px solid #ccc}
.aw-alternate-odd {height:20px; background: #ECF7FB; border-bottom: 1px solid #ccc}

The fact is that the grid does not scroll completely (horizontal or vertical, same behaviour).

to workaround the problem I just removed the "height" attribute from the style. Is there a workaround or something?

I tried with ".aw-bars-content", setting the padding-bottom to 50 px (or something, can't recall it now, lost ...) but that didnt work either.
October 18,
sorry, cant even complete a form the right way! :/

obviously the subject is "Grid vertical scrollbar and cells height"
October 18,

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