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I have spent many hours rooting through the documentation with nothing to show but severe eye strain. I have been using aw grid 2.0.1 for some time now on the presentation layer. After looking through the documentation I am more confused now then when I began the research.

I have found the example of updating a cell at a time but unfortunately I have found no way to maintain a point of reference. Ultimately I would like to post a row of data to the server when the user leaves the control or a row after editing anything in that row. While I am not new to JavaScript, I haven't been able to piece together an effective model.

A couple of the issues I have run into so far that I have been unable to answer are:
-if the user edits a cell, what is the recommend process of getting that row of data values back the the database?
-are there any good examples of using the control with post backs of changed rows?
-are there any examples of tracking changed rows for post back in the active form by appending the changed rows to a form on the page in order to post the changes back?

I have spent the last two days going through the forums and I noticed that it is not a unique question. There was one example that posted each cell change individually. This is a great solution for an extremely limited implementation, however, when posts to the database are handled via stored procedures this solution can be costly in terms of processing a transaction per cell change. Not to mention the pain of translating the row and col number to a record id.

October 17,

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