Why the extra column?

I have noticed in all your samples on the site, as well as our own code, if we set

// set number of columns/rows

We actually see 4 columns in the grid - A nice empty one to the right.

Why does this appear and can you suppress it at all? Some of our developers can make it very small - but it can be expanded (dragged) and our business users are complaining about "missing data" as they think something should be in there.
October 17,
Do you mean the last column at the end? Does it have a header? Do your columns size to fit the width of the grid?
John Sourcer
October 17,
Yes I mean the very last to the right column. No, there is no column header.

if you look at
http://www.activewidgets.com/grid.intro/ and hit the sample/show me you can drag the right most (empty column) towards the left.

There is another very blantant sample on this AW website as well, where the column is really wide and empty.
October 17,
other example is right on the general intro page - go down to grids to the show me button...

October 17,
ok, lets say the grid width is 500px and there are 3 columns 100px each. What should we do with 200px difference?

(the current solution is to draw an 'empty' column which fills the remaining space)
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 17,
Well, guess we will have to play with that, now won't we...
Thanks for the quick answer.
October 17,

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