Half of the rows are displayed when use setScrollTop

We're using AW Extended grid and half of the rows are are displayed when we use setScrollTop method at one of our business scenario. The rows are displaying only when just clicking of the scroll bar in the grid.

The following code we are using in our application and please let us know if you've any possible solution to resolve this ASAP.

function selectGridRowScroll(nRow)
var height = this.objAWGrid.getStyle("height");
height = parseInt(height.substring(0,height.length-2));
if((height/18) < (nRow+3))
this.objAWGrid.setScrollTop( (nRow*18));
alert('Function Name : selectGridRowScroll() \n Error Number: '+ err.number +'\n Error Name : ' + err.name +'\n Error Message : ' + err.message );

[Note: If we use objAWGrid.refresh() after the setScrollTop then all the grid column headers and rows are displayed as blank.]

We're facing lot of issues in the refresh method too in the Extended grid and please give us the possible solution ASAP.
September 27,
i need too, this problem is killing me.
Pc (from Brazil)
September 28,
You can make the grid working by this way after the setScrollTop method.


We've tried the above one and working at our code. Try this one and hope it might be working for you too.
October 27,

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