Can we enter decimal values in the cell?

I wan to save cell value in decimal format. I'm using editable cell to edit the cell values.
It allows me to enter only the integer value. I also want to enter decimal values like 32.5, 870.55... etc...
In short, how to enter the decimal values in the cell.

I'm using post method the sent the information to server
obj.onCellValidated = function(text, column, row){
        var r = new AW.HTTP.Request;
        r.setParameter("column", column);
        r.setParameter("row", row);
        r.setParameter("text", text);

I want the above "text" value to be either in integer or in decimal format.

Anyone know how to do this.
September 26,
I have done this, but i display all values on my cell as String i.e. I get may data as floats or integers but when i set them on the Grid data record (myData) set I prefix and afix a " to them to make them String.

var myData[<%
some data, somedata, "\""+oCmtsListRecord.getEmployeeCount()\"",
some data, some data, %>]

e.g. update 23 to "23" or 45.678 to "45/678". You could then use a js function before submitting your request to parse the String into a decimal of integer value.
September 28,

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