IE & broken XML connections...

My app has a popup which loads a new IE window which then does the xml requests to populate data on that screen. If during the load of that page I close it thus breaking the connection in the middle of it's processing, no further connections to that web server are allowed.

We did a fair amount of debugging on this and found that when the connection was broken like this, that a connection to the server never closed out (viewed via netstat). Normally they would time out, however these closed ones don't until ALL IE sessions are closed out and reopened.

Has anyone else had any problems with IE failing to open pages almost out of no where? I can replicate this problem over and over again and I would post the code but it is rather large. I'll try and work on a subset that produces the same problem if no one has a clue what I'm talking about.
September 18,
September 19,
If you can cut your example down to size then we might be able to help.

Karl Thoroddsen
September 20,

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