right click on a cell, select and copy data from cell

I need to be able to select data from any cell in a grid, copy it to the default to the default and paste it onto an outside application.
I am using version 2.1.
e.g. whether by clicking on a cell, or right clicking on it to reveal the edit menu. Right now when I right click on a cell, I get the edit menu, but the copy functionality is not available. Also selecting data on a cell, and doing a CTRL-C does not copy it to the clipboard.
Any hints on how to configure my grid so that I can do this??

Here is a view of my code

#myGrid {width: auto; overflow: auto; background: #e0daa7;}

….. columns …
…… rows ……
….headers …..

#myGrid .aw-grid-row .aw-cells-selected {background: #FFFFFF;}

var myData = […..];

var myHeaders = [….];

var obj = new AW.Grid.Extended;

obj.setId("myGrid"); // necessary for CSS rules
obj.setVirtualMode(false); // disable virtual mode
obj.setCellText(myData); // 2-dimensional js array
obj.setCellEditable(true); enable editing
obj.setHeaderText(myHeaders); // js array (see top of this page)
obj.setSelectorText(function(i){return this.getRowPosition(i)+1});
Paul W (Paul_Were
August 24,
Hi Paul W

You need to implement it youself.

This is how you can do it :

/* copy cell content to clipBoard */
obj.onKeyCtrlC = function(event){
var c = this.getCurrentColumn();
var r = this.getCurrentRow();
copyToClipBoard(removeCommas(this.getCellText(c, r)));
AW.setReturnValue(event, false); // prevent default
/* Copies text to system clipboard */
function copyToClipBoard(text) {
if (window.clipboardData) {
// the IE-manier
window.clipboardData.setData("Text", text);
return false;
/* Remove all commas from data */
function removeCommas(data) {
return replaceString(data,",",'');
/* Replaces all instances of a character with a new character in String */
function replaceString(sString, sReplaceThis, sWithThis) {
if (sReplaceThis != null && sReplaceThis != sWithThis) {
var counter = 0;
var start = 0;
var before = "";
var after = "";
while (counter<sString.length) {
start = sString.indexOf(sReplaceThis, counter);
if (start == -1){
} else {
before = sString.substr(0, start);
after = sString.substr(start + sReplaceThis.length, sString.length);
sString = before + sWithThis + after;
counter = before.length + sWithThis.length;
return sString;
You can do ctrl+c using key board.The mousecontext menu you have to implement your self.contextmenu implementation is posted by me on this forum also.
Vikramaditya Garg
August 25,

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